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Eagle River Wisconsin
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Mercer Wisconsin
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Mercer the “Loon Capital” in the Heart of the Northwoods is known for the natural beauty of its surroundings. Offering quiet, tension-free lifestyles for all ages.Mercer is in the heart of a vast, open country. No other area in Wisconsin provides more authentic wilderness, or greater abundance of virgin vacation land, than the lake area of Mercer. It offers you a clean, fresh world, renewed with every change of season, here at the top of the state. Mercer has long been know for its excellent fishing in both summer and winter.From the wily walleye to the magnificent muskie, every type of Northwoods fish can be found in Mercer’s lakes and flowages, offering something for every type of fisherman, from the weekend warrior to the hardcore tournament angler. Famous for huge numbers of walleye, smallmouth bass, muskie and northern pike, the nearby Turtle-Flambeau Flowage is a wilderness reservoir of approximately 14,500 acres with the look and feel of a pristine Canadian lake. In spring the focus is on the popular walleye while summer and autumn attract muskie and smallmouth bass enthusiasts, dedicated to catching a trophy. However, it’s not just the flowage as smaller lakes are available in the Mercer region that make the decision of where-to fish difficult – including Spider, Long, Grand Portage, Cedar, Fisher, Mercer, Pine, Wilson lakes, among others. The town of Mercer and its resorts, campgrounds, restaurants and shops cater to the visiting angler drawn to the unspoiled beauty and incomparable fishing action of the Flowage.Besides fishing, the area offers golf courses and ATV trails in the warm seasons, and great snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter. When you’ve had your fill of outdoor fun, and are ready to call it a day, there are several restaurants and bars in town where you can go to eat, drink, and relax in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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